SHELIX has swept the world!

The ORIGINAL SHEar & heLIX and spiral cutter non-grind design.

Woodworkers know that a shear cut is far better than a straight cut.
You also know that a stagger cut is much better than just a single
straight knife and is a lot easier on your dust collection system. If you
just happen to plane a nail or staple, it is not necessary to replace
expensive knives the full length of your planer head. Replace 2 or 3 small
inexpensive knives and you are ready to go. You might expect to pay a
small fortune for a cutter head with these features, but here at Byrd
Tool we can manufacture a head to your specifications for typically a
fraction of the cost you might expect.

SPIRALLED - to break up chips for dust collection
SHEAR - to give clean cutting action
HELIX - to assist the chip flow
Replacement tips sold in boxes of ten. Discounts for quantities available.